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Zach loves commenting on most sports and will happily watch anything competitive. His interest in Formula One really kicked-off in 2007 when he needed something to fall asleep to on a Sunday evening.

Ever since he has fallen deeper and deeper in love with the sport, gradually building his knowledge past the current generation and well into its long history.


After jumping on the blogging craze only a full decade after it began, his "trend-following" form continues as co-host of (another) F1 podcast.

Always one to buck people's expectations, Rod started watching Formula One in 1998. "But Rod, you don't like cars," people would say. He'd shrug and take a swig of beer because he's aloof like that. He also invented Instagram.

Some recommendations

What sort of stuff gets our motors running? These days there's a million ways to fill your time, but if you need some recommendations we're happy to provide some, we might have more in common than you think.


F1 movies

1: Life on the limit

We interviewed director Paul Crowder about his documentary about the glory and danger of F1's chequered history.

iTunes | Trailer


A detailed look at the life and death of one of Formula One's greatest legends. A must see for any F1 fan.

iTunes | Trailer


One of F1's greatest rivalries gets the Hollywood treatment. We discussed the preview screening on the show.

iTunes | Trailer


Racing apps

Official Formula 1 App

Get news, live timing and even commentary and additional driver radio transmissions via the official FIA F1 App.

App Store | Web


Little-known gem of an app that lists all F1 tracks with a satellite map view and links to each track's wikipedia page. 

App Store

Official Formula E App

Stay up to date with all things Formula E, including the ability to vote for your favourite driver to receive a fan boost.

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F1 Race Stars

Fun, arcadey pocket version of the Codemaster's cart racing game.

App Store

F1 Challenge

Portable F1 racing game featuring simple driving challenges.

App Store

Formula Legend

Racing simulator from friends of the show at Australian studio Beer Mogul.

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