What's Superlicense Club?

It's a group that anyone can join as a way of supporting everything Superlicense does, the twitter activity, the website and of-course the podcast. Mostly it's a way to say "thanks" and help us keep the lights on at Superlicense HQ.

In return you get:

  • An exclusive Superlicense Club only podcast called Drift, hear a preview episode here!
  • First look at new videos, like our recent Race/Off series.
  • Exclusive Superlicense notification emails and access to extra content unavailable to the general public.

What does it cost to join?

It's only $2 (US) per month as a minimum. Want to share more? Please do, ALL money raised goes toward keeping the podcast and website going. If you decide you don't like it and want to stop, you can opt out any time.

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