This all sounds great, but how do I....?

Subscribe to the podcast

If you want to listen to the show on the move, and make sure you miss an episode, the best way to keep up to date is to subscribe on your smartphone of choice via a podcasting app.





As if the video isn't clear enough, we suggest you download Player FM and/or Stitcher apps from the Google Play Store.

Leave an iTunes review

Even if you don't listen to the show on iTunes, leaving a review there really helps us out.

A lot.

As demonstrated in the video, iTunes does a pretty average job of recommending podcasts to people, so every positive review helps.

(And if you've left one, thank you very much!)

Send an audio prediction

There's a million ways to send audio to someone, but here's the simplest. If you have an iPhone the video demonstrates how to email us an audio clip, if you don't have an iPhone or just can't work it out you can still email us the old fashioned way to tell us your predictions, or even better - send us a tweet!