Honda have reliability, but performance and power still unproven

Alonso has reaffirmed his desire to win championships with McLaren-Honda, stating that the team had the talent to achieve its goals and that it was just a matter of time until McLaren taste sweet, sweet victory again.

On engine reliability, Honda representative Yasuke Hasagawa was asked...

How confident are you that you will keep within the restriction [on the number of engines] this year?
Hasagawa: Yes. [laughter] I can prove it, on the back of the testing, our engines have reliability but we always have to push for high performance and high power. 

So at which races will McLaren give their fans a strong showing?

Are there any tracks that you think you will do particularly well at?
Fernando: Spain? No, I really don't know. We have to see on the performance of the car in the first couple of races; our strengths and weaknesses. But right now, no one knows exactly where the teams are.
Hasagawa: Here [Australia] is very important, we have to prove that we can do it; that we can update our situation from last year. And, of-course here, Spain, the UK and Suzuka.

If pre-season form means anything, we should expect more reliability from McLaren this season, but the question remains - what is going to happen when they really turn the wick up.