Teams call crisis meeting to scrap "rubbish" qualifying

Have you heard the news today? Oh-boy.....

Despite Hamilton's insistence that he was setting "sexy laps" (see also: #SexyLaps), we can all agree that the new format is about as sexy as a scab on a band-aid.

How bad is it? Jon Noble explains...

Amid a backlash about the failed elimination format – with teams and Bernie Ecclestone unhappy about how the new system worked – has learned that a gathering of team principals is set to take place at Albert Park on Sunday.
At the meeting, it is likely that a move will be made to agree on what action should be taken for changes to be made immediately.

You can probably guess what everyone thinks we should do...

It is understood that the most likely outcome from the Sunday meeting will be for qualifying to revert to the old format in its entirety, rather than just tweaks being made to Q3.
"There is the obvious choice – which is to return to what we had before. It is in the regulations."

At the very least reverting to the old format will require unanimous support from the teams, giving them a huge amount of leverage.

Can you think of anything the teams have been asking for lately?