Abiteboul on removing fuel flow limits

Cyril Abiteboul: 

“I am a big fan of making sure F1 remains F1,” revealed Abiteboul. “We should not lean towards endurance. One of the things that has put F1 in danger, or could be another threat to F1, is if we try to combine F1 and endurance.
 “We would see it [removing the regulation] would take all the negativity away from the message regarding this new technology, which is fantastic. We’ve done an amazing job,” added Abiteboul.

You probably remember Daniel Ricciardo being disqualified for exceeding the permitted fuel flow limit two years ago, Australians sure do. 

As long as we have hybrid engines and a 100kg maximum fuel load for the race we will still see drivers conserving fuel and quieter cars, which are primary factors behind the current negativity. You simply can't produce the same noise as days gone by while chewing vastily less through less fuel - for better or worse.

Source: The Chequered Flag