Winners and Losers from the Azerbaijan Grand Prix



  • Daniel Ricciardo - In this case we mean "winner" figuratively and literally. Certainly didn't reach the top of the podium on pure pace and merit, but you have to be in the right place at the right time, as he so often seems to be. Question is, what is it about Verstappen's driving that is ruining his engine that Ricciardo isn't doing?
  • Valtteri Bottas - File this one under "never stop never stopping", Valtteri came from last and a lap down to finish second, claiming the second step on the podium only metres from the finish line. It's really pleasing the team didn't ask him to back up Vettel, and finishing in P2 justifies their decision and helps them in the constuctors' standings.
  • Lance Stroll - The jury isn't quite out yet, but it's clear that Lance finally arrived in the F1 paddock beating Stoff the Doff, Palmer and even Esteban "Rock-on" to reach a podium. 


  • Sebastian Vettel - Not only did Vettel have a brain fart and act like a child in reaction to Hamilton's driving behind the safety car, but his selective memory lead to some embarrassing team radio and post-race comments where he denied accountability. Someone from Ferrari needed to show him a replay. 
  • Force India - So much for not having awkward post-race briefings after Canada! The podium could easily have been crowded with driver's wearing pink if not for their clumsy racing incident, but we have to wonder how much the "let us race" attitude from Canada has heightened Ocon's determination to pass his teammate.
  • Debris - We mean "losers" in the sense that the cars lost a lot of it. 

What do you reckon? Leave a comment with your pick for winner and loser.