Australian Grand Prix pushed back to April for 2016

If you're coming to Melbourne for the GP next year and need to book flights, accommodation or tickets to see the Eagles cover band at Crown, this news is for you.

Melbourne's Grand Prix weekend has been pushed back a few weeks and will run between 31 March - 3 April. Only once before has the Melbourne Grand Prix been run in April, and that was in 2006 to accommodate the city hosting the Commonwealth Games... I mean, can you imagine? You thought it was hard to hail a taxi on Grand Final Day.

Curiously, that year it lost its spot as season opener with both Bahrain AND Malaysia jumping ahead of it. However a press release from the Australian Grand Prix Corporation suggests that the season will instead be "condensed" and wrap up in November.

The question remains whether Australia will hold it's place as the season opener, with a few more calendar changes expected. Certainly Australian Grand Prix Corporation CEO Andrew Westacott believes our place as curtain raisers is secure.

"It's fantastic that Melbourne will again play host to the opening round of the FIA Formula One World Championship™. Over the past 20 years Melbourne has become synonymous with the start of a new Formula One season, and we look forward to again welcoming all the teams and drivers to our great city in 2016," Westacott said.

Despite the skepticism on twitter, Westacott seems pretty certain, and I wouldn't expect such an emphatic insistence if it weren't set on stone.

If the April - November timeline is correct it will mean quite a grueling schedule for F1 teams. Although we're coming off a three week break at the moment, and the absurd situation ahead where - following the absence of the German Grand Prix - fans will be treated to only one race in a seven week period, these issues shouldn't trouble punters in 2016.

Not only is the German Grand Prix expected to return (unless that's the rumored "shake-up" that folks are tweeting about) but the Azerbaijan event in Baku is expected to be announced when the full 2016 calendar is officially released.

So, as far as next March is concerned, anyone jonesing for a uniquely Melbourne coffee fix will just have to wait that little bit longer.