Brazil GP: Winners and Losers



  • Lewis Hamilton pulled the same trick as Vettel did with a come-from-behind drive to finish just shy of the podium. He might have been in hot water over his comments regarding security around the track and questionable tax practices, but with the championship in his pocket he was able to provide some action clawing back through the field. As he starts to tick off more and more achievements he would have loved to leave Brazil with a win (or at least a podium).
  • Felipe Massa put in a fitting performance in his final home grand prix, taking a few places at the start and fighting to get ahead of former teammate Fernando Alonso. As he looks forward to a well-earned rest and some delicious Brazilian barbecue before a probable Formula E career next season, Massa gave his adoring fans the result his talent deserved.
  • Sebastian Vettel sealed the victory with his first-corner lunge up the inside of Valtteri Bottas. Although he couldn't pull out a clear gap, the race was his to control as he all but claims 2nd in the championship. 


  • Lance Stroll returns to the losers list, finishing last and two-laps down on the leaders and in stark contrast to the heroics of his teammate. As the driver being retained by Williams next season, it's clear he still has some consistency issues to sort out. 
  • Renault and Toro Rosso flung mud at one another. Rumors that Renault might refuse to give engines to Toro Rosso for the final race were the apex of the tensions between the two parties, the ultimate expression of tensions between the two as business partners and rival constructors.
  • Brazil security simply didn't do their job with multiple reports of armed robberies through the weekend (including after they announced stronger security). Need to do much, much better.

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