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Everyone: Monaco was so boring! Canada: Hold my beer...

Everyone: Monaco was so boring! Canada: Hold my beer...

After Monaco numerous drivers were noticeably vocal about the lack of action. Despite that, there was a non-dominant race winner, and another driver charging from the back of the pack. Canada didn't even offer that, with little to write home about after the first few laps. You know it's a slow race when the podium drivers are the three singled out for putting in a good drive, and so it goes.

Moving on up

Sebastian Vettel delivered Ferrari their first win in Canada since the all-conquering Michael Schumacher days. Not only that, but with his closest title competitor absent from the podium, he sits 1 point clear in the drivers' championship. This kind of result was unthinkable just a few weeks ago, when Hamilton seemed to be turning his season around. 

Valtteri Bottas wasn't quick enough to win after starting from P2, but the fact that he hung on to the leader will hurt Hamilton, who it seems just didn't show up this weekend. The result puts him back into 3rd in the standings ahead of Daniel Ricciardo, and keeps his slim championship hopes alive (how's THAT for optimism!).

Max Verstappen FINALLY delivered the race for which we've all been waiting. Not tempted with the early aggression of Valtteri Bottas (the two made slight contact but nothing race-ending), Verstappen kept his head and delivered a podium result. It's notable because he has copped so much criticism for not delivering solid, Ricciardo-esque finishes, that questions about his lack of form lead to him threatening to head-butt the next journalist to bring it up. At least he'll silence the critics, and shooed away the monkey that had clung to his back since the start of the season. 


Sergio Perez made light contact with Carlos Sainz and lost a handful of places, which triggered a fall down the grid that left him well-behind his teammate and the equally paced Renault drivers. His radio outburst that Sainz should be "black-flagged" (disqualified) is perhaps the most ludicrous examples of a driver blurting things out in the heat of the moment that we've had all year. 

Lance Stroll lost control of his Williams (assuming he had it in the first place) on the opening lap and sent both himself and Brendon "Big Heart" Hartley out of the race. It not only wrecked his chances of a good result at home, where he scored his first points in F1 last year, but ruined any hope that Hartley had of impressing his team amidst rumours he could soon be replaced. 

Chequered flag officials (hint, not the person holding the flag) who had trouble remembering the correct protocol, and officially ended the race early. Although the drivers continued on and finished the designated number of laps, it cost Daniel Ricciardo the fastest lap honours, with the spoils officially going to his teammate.

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