Farewell 2015!

It’s been a year of growth and change for both Zach and myself, and for Superlicense in general.

We’ve continued to grow the podcast audience, which remains our primary focus. It’s exciting to think of the improvements we have planned for next season and beyond.

Still, 2015 was the year that we tried to expand things a bit, take some risks and try new things to see what worked. This all required a more sophisticated website, mission accomplished there, and design tweaks are still rolling out little by little.

Adding things like regular video content, recaps of old F1 races, qualifying coverage and writing a weekly column spread me a little thin, but I made it through even when my daily life was taking unexpected turns.

I had a fantastic year writing about F1 on The Roar where I was asked to contribute on a weekly basis to help fill out their newly formed Motorsport section (still a small corner of the website). Some pieces toward the end of the season that attracted considerable attention were particularly satisfying - even when that attention wasn't universally favourable.

Zach moving to London presented a lot of challenges, but just as many opportunities. Although it was sometimes problematic, our combined exposure to the broader Formula One world is, in the end, a benefit. He was able to meet listeners, attend F1 fan events and races that were formerly prohibitive. I hope to get over to that side of the world next year, depending on whether I can apply for a few more credit cards.

It’s also very satisfying to see dozens of people supporting us by buying our t-shirts and stickers, all the money raised goes towards covering the costs of keeping Superlicense going. While it doesn’t fully bankroll the website and server costs it’s a huge help, as are reviews on iTunes that help tell new listeners how much you all enjoy the show.

Although the podcast is taking a break for a few months, it won’t be much more than taking our foot off the accelerator a little, as there’s a lot to prepare for in 2016. It’s going to be another fantastic year and we hope you all have had a joyous holiday and we can’t wait to share more with you in the new year.

Till then, all the best.

Rod and Zach