Hamilton triumphant as Mercedes drivers collide yet again

Lewis Hamilton pulled off an unlikely victory after losing the lead during the Austrian Grand Prix, with Kimi Raikkonen and Max Verstappen the benefactors of the retirement of Sebastian Vettel in the early stages.

Vettel suffered a tyre failure at the end of the straight that ended his race and produced a safety car that eased the burden on Nico Rosberg, who pitted early and made up track time which allowed him to jump Hamilton after the first round of pitstops. With fresher tyres Lewis should have been able to run longer and reclaim the lead in the latter stages, but the unexpected safety car closed his window of opportunity.

Despite pitting first, Hamilton had a messy outlap with a small error squashing his chance of undercutting his teammate, but in the final corners Hamilton threw everything he had at the leader and gained some advantage under breaking. Rosberg braked as late as possible and pushed Hamilton as wide as he could, the two cars touched and Hamilton bounced off his teammate, Rosberg losing his front wing and a few places to cross the line P4 as Hamilton sped away to claim the chequered flag.

A podium for either Red Bull driver was never in the script, however Verstappen defied the odds to collect P2 ahead of Raikkonen who seemed an even match to the overall Red Bull package.

The biggest surprise of the race was Pascal Wehrlein who snatched a single point for Manor in a fantastic result for one of the genuine backmarker teams. With Renault halting development there's a good chance that Manor will exceed the expectations of most this year, and look likely to finish ahead of at least Sauber in the championship.

Most post-race discussions will focus on the Hamilton and Rosberg incident that throws fuel on the fire that has been burning strongly for the last three years. Rosberg was investigated after the race for driving with a damaged car and causing a collision (although this humble observer feels Hamilton as the driver on the outside was equally at fault).

Update: After a marathon sitting by the Stewards, Rosberg was handed a 10-sec time penalty and given 2 penalty points for the incident with Hamilton, and a reprimand for driving with a damaged car.