Hamilton wins the race and Vettel loses his cool in Mexico

Lewis Hamilton claimed a dominant victory today at the Mexican Grand Prix. After some tense moments, Nico Rosberg was able to hold P2 and keep his run to his first drivers' world championship on track. This much was clear as the drivers' crossed the finish line, but from there on things get rough.

Behind the Mercedes, Max Verstappen finished third ahead of Sebastian Vettel and Daniel Ricciardo. In the final laps, Vettel tried to pass Verstappen and eventually Verstappen left the track and clearly maintained his position by doing so. He was instructed by the stewards and his own team to hand the position back to Vettel, but chose not to and risked a five-second time penalty. 

Ahead of the podium presentations, the stewards made it clear that Verstappen had been given a penalty which promoted both Vettel and Daniel Ricciardo ahead of him in the final standings. Verstappen awkwardly left the cool down area, and Vettel took his place (rightfully it seemed) on the podium.

Post-race, a defensive move from Vettel against Daniel Ricciardo came under further scrutiny, and Vettel was found to have breached the recently revised regulations regarding moving under breaking. 

Ricciardo was very vocal in his comments to the press, and the stewards clearly agreed handing Vettel a ten-second time penalty which drops him down to P5 (behind Vestappen, ironically) and cost him two points on his Super Licence.

Vettel was fortunate not have been investigated for bringing the sport into disrepute for his verbal barrage over the team radio. First he called Verstappen a name that was censored by the FOM broadcast. When he was informed that the team had sent a message to Chief Steward Charlie Whiting about Verstappen's refusal to yield, Vettel fired back, "Yeah, I have a message for Charlie - F*** OFF!"

Having claimed P3 Ricciardo has now secured 3rd position in the drivers' title, while Rosberg can win the title if he wins either of the next two races in Brazil or Abu Dhabi, or through various combinations of podium finishes.