"I am Bottas"

I love this story from Finnish newspaper Iltahleti about Williams F1 driver Valtteri Bottas competing in a long distance running event under a false name. Before you read on.... just consider what name you would invent for Valtteri and recognise that with such power comes great responsibility.

The report said an entrant called 'Valto Pikkarainen' finished the 10 kilometre race with a competitive time of 38 minutes and 54 seconds.
So as the secret now emerges, the Williams driver explained why he chose to enter with a false name.
"Just so there would be no journalists there. And there weren't!" said Bottas.

Firstly, that's a decent time, especially considering that he was wearing Groucho Marx glasses (in my mind at least). Secondly, can we really be sure that Bottas isn't actually Valto Pikkarainen racing under an assumed identity? Oooooooo. The Matrix.

Source: grandprix.com