Lewis Hamilton leads the drivers' championship after Hungarian GP win

From the front row to the lead of the drivers' championship, everything went right for Lewis Hamilton in Hungary on Sunday afternoon.

Hamilton squeezed ahead of Nico Rosberg in to the first corner and held the lead easily for the entire race, having an answer to every threat that Rosberg posed. 

With Ricciardo closing the gap to the Mercedes cars ahead of the second round of pitstops, the team ordered Hamilton to pick up the speed as his steady pace was holding up Rosberg and bringing the undercut against his teammate in to play. Whether it was a deliberate ploy from Hamilton or not, both cars found extra speed and ran untroubled to the flag.

Ferrari's race strategy was on point, with Sebastian Vettel moving into the top four and pressuring Ricciardo in P3 at the end. 

Kimi Raikkonen started from P14 but preserved his tyres in a lengthy first stint to put himself into a position to challenge the top five in the latter stages. Despite clipping Verstappen's rear wheel with his wing at turn four, he couldn't find a way around Max Vertappen at a track where overtaking is notoriously difficult.

Jenson Button fell foul of the FIA's strengthened radio bans when his brake pedal fell to the floor and, as the team spat instructions on the radio to him fix the situation, exceeded the bounds of what the regulations allow and he was given a drive-through penalty.