Manufacturers cold on F1, keen as mustard for Formula E

I guess Formula One isn't doing such a good job positioning itself as The Place To Be for manufacturers.

"Sources" inside Aston Martin claim they are rolling back their commitment to enter F1:

"There is a definite inclination not to do it - in 2016, at least. But it could certainly be revisited in future... We also have to figure out what our path forward in sportscar racing is, and where we go with that. We are not looking at F1 in isolation."

Meanwhile James Barclay, Jaguar Team Director is falling over himself to get into Formula E:

“We looked in detail at alternative ways of returning to motorsport. This was such an important decision for Jaguar and we wanted to get it right.  With our future EV plans Formula E was the obvious choice and we believe that the benefits are enormous”.

It's hard to argue, on the face of these quotes at least, that Formula One is "wrong" to bring road car technology to the sport, perhaps just that the promise of Formula E is coming to fruition.