Massa's mind turns to Formula E and WEC

Felipe Massa is reported to be considering a life after F1 as his future in the sport becomes less certain. Ahead of this weekend's Canadian Grand Prix he was quoted as saying: 

"I have so many things to think about for the moment, maybe after I will have some options in Formula E or WEC, which I think is a very nice championship and has the best car after F1, so maybe I am more interested to do that first. I don't know, maybe when I decide to stop I will have more time to think about it."

This kind of talk is eerily similar to what was being thrown around before Massa was let go by Ferrari. 

It's worth raising this article that I wrote for The Roar last year (with some trepidation, I might add, after it was labelled "asinine") about the sorry legacy will accompany the end of his F1 career.

It's worth pointing out that in this article I was fiercely arguing a position that doesn't necessarily reflect how I feel about Massa, in fact I believe he was once a very fine driver, and deserved his position at Ferrari during his best years... but those days have come and long gone.

Source: ESPN