Meet Drift, our latest podcast

If you've been paying attention lately you'll know that we recently launched the Superlicense Club as a way of allowing our most passionate followers to support everything that we do; from the podcast to the website to our Twitter feed.

As a way of giving back to those people we have launched a new podcast called Drift which will be hitting everyone's podcatcher of choice very soon. The first episode is available to everybody in the spirit of openness and giving, however as promised future episodes will only be available to Superlicense Club members.

The format for Drift is simple. Rod and Zach set a timer for 30 minutes and start chatting about whatever takes their fancy. It will always start off being about Formula One, but whether the discussion stays on track remains to be seen.

Although the main Superlicense F1 Podcast is still our first love, we hope you like Drift, and if you're interested in signing up and contributing as a Superlicense Club member you can do so here for a minimum of $2 per month (barely anything!). For Club members, you can listen to Episode 1 and all future episodes in the secret Clubhouse section of the website.