Mercedes front row could finally gives us the fight we deserve


Mexico delivered another front row qualifying result for Mercedes. With the drivers' championship up for grabs this weekend and questions being asked about the virtue of a potential Rosberg title, it's actually the desirable result. The final races could not only determine the title from a points perspective, but settle in our minds how whether the ultimate victor is truly deserving.

Here's their mindset ahead of Sunday's race: 

"It's always a tough battle," Hamilton said. "Trying to pull out the perfect laps when it counts is always a difficult thing. The track has got a lot better, there is more grip than last year and it feels more like a race track."

Rosberg said: "I'm still 0.25secs from Lewis. His lap was great, not mine. I put it together in the end and I am relatively pleased with that to make sure I am on the front row and give me a chance for the win.

BBC's qualifying coverage also turned up this handy graph that shows the highs and considerable lows of the season. 


While this doesn't tell the whole story, its fascinating that only a few races in the year haven't featured one of four issues they've plotted here.

It also suggests Hamilton suffered from a collision in Baku, which i don't recall - and ultimately wasnt the cause of his poor performance. 

Either way, just as we did in Austin last week, we have Red Bull starting on much softer tyres looking to cause headaches for Mercedes. More than ever a poor start will prove costly in Mexico.

Source: BBC