"My tap sounds like an F1 car"

I read a lot of F1 news from week to week, but mostly I'll just skim headlines to get a feel for what's happening. A story popped up in my feed recently that was simply irresistible, "My tap sounds like an F1 car".

Judge for yourself...

Now that's pretty good, but it got me wondering... this can't be the first time this has happened. And, sure enough, it isn't.

And it's not just taps. I love this guy's reaction to the sound of his toilet flushing...

But I understand this is a contentious topic. I mean what does an F1 car sound like anyway. Since last year's regulation change when the engine note was altered, the kitties haven't quite purrrrrred like they used to.

Like me, you're probably wondering how household plumbing could sound more like an F1 car than an actual F1 car? Sadly issues like these are usually only chewed over behind closed doors.

Hopefully the 2017 regulation changed will mean a swift resolution for all of this bleating over engine noise.