Nico Rosberg clinches the title for 2016

Nico Rosberg claimed the podium result he needed to secure the world championship over teammate Lewis Hamilton. In a thrilling conclusion to the year Hamilton disobeyed orders from the team to speed up after he decided to back Rosberg into the traffic of Sebastian Vettel behind, ultimately reliability cost Hamilton the advantage heading in to the final race.

Realistically the Merecedes advantage was always going to make a Rosberg championship a reality if his car remained reliable.

After making contact with a Force India and spinning early in the race, Max Verstappen ran long in the first stint and looked like he was going to slow down Nico as much as possible. When Rosberg turned the wick up and passed Verstappen his trouble were not yet over. Sebastian Vettel running a contra strategy was aiming to finish the race on fresher tyres and the German cut through the field like hot butter and thanks to Hamilton's pedestrian lap times was pressuring Rosberg for the final laps.

Even if Vettel could get past Rosberg, the title would still have gone to Nico but the risk of contact, and with Verstappen only a few seconds down the road, it was a tense run to the line for the top three.

34 years after his father Keke Rosberg won the championship, Nico has overcome the doubters and joined an elite list of drivers to have achieved the ultimate prize in the sport. With Jenson Button retiring at this race the number of former world champions will remain at five with Rosberg joining Hamilton, Vettel, Alonso and Raikkonen.