Renault unveil the RS16

Renault launched their new car, the RS16, and a testing livery today becoming the first team to show off their 2016 spec chassis.

Renault Sport Racing head Cyril Abiteboul is certainly confident about the team's chances:

"We have won in F1 as a team and as an engine supplier," he said. "There is no reason why we cannot repeat that."

The team also confirmed their drivers - although they had largely already confirmed things for us on social media.

Although their are prominent Renault logos on the current design, I can't help but notice the Infinity symbol, which is surprising considering the lip service the manufacturer paid to Red Bull about denying them enough credit for their recent dominance.

Sadly this isn't the retro-inspired yellow livery that we were hoping Renault would deliver. Perhaps their final race trim will turn up the colour, but if they are willing to hit the tarmac with a design that looks like this, I'm not particularly optimistic.

Source: BBC