Rod is throwing a year-long, parallel retro F1 season revisitation party!

You're probably confused right now. Don't panic, that is a baffling article title and it could happen to anyone - just take a sip of water and think about puppies for a minute.

It's occurred to me a few times since Zach and I started the podcast that I've been watching Formula One for a heck of a long time. Over the years though the details have drifted from my immediate recall. I started watching in 1998, and pre-season form suggested that the Mclaren's were the hotness, and the ying-yang balance of personalities between Hakkinen and Coulthard and the shrill, exuberant commentary of Murray Walker brought the sport to life for me.

If memory serves me correctly the '98/'99 seasons were the last competitive era ahead of the Schumacher domination of the 2000s.

Well, I don't want to rely on memory anymore. Throughout the 2015 season - in the gaps between the current F1 schedule - I'll be watching the 1998 season to relive the tension, the fashions and a third other thing that will probably become apparent at a later date.

And you can too!

So, we can watch the races at the same time you do?

Sure, why not? Satisfying everybody in every time zone poses quite a problem, however. I'll probably work to a rough schedule (weeks when there are two successive F1 races will be tough, for example) so keep an eye on twitter for a clue as to when I'll be watching and what race we're up to.

How on earth did you get the race footage anyway?

Nice try, Narc! Footage of the races exists on the murky interwebs, however I'll have to leave it up to you to source them if you want to watch along - which is completely optional by the way! 

Oh, and it's worth pointing out that the races I'll be watching originate from the Australian broadcast, so expect at least some passing commentary on presenters Alan Jones and Darrell Eastlake.

So... you just watch the races? What's the big deal?

I'll post a recap and my thoughts on this very website, perhaps with some gifs etc to bring it to life for anyone that can't watch along.

It'll be similar to my normal recaps for The Roar, except with more humour and actual insights ;p.

More info on this soon, but rest assured it's going to be super-radballs!

^ Rod