Singapore GP: Winners and Losers



  • Carlos Sainz: It's hard to go past the man of the moment (after Hamilton perhaps), and despite being with the junior sibling Red Bull squad, Sainz managed to pull a Ricciardo-esque "take advantage of everyone else screwing up" drive to finish just shy of the podium.
  • Jolyon Palmer: If it weren't for Sainz's effort, Palmer would have stolen the day with a career-best P6. Forget that if the cars ahead hadn't crashed he'd have finished P10, it was the perfect response at exactly the right time because if he wants to stay in F1 he's got limited opportunities and needs to impress.
  • Hamilton's title chances: All kinds of permutations are already being thrown around about Vettel finishing lower than P3 in Malaysia and Hamilton finishing P2 in all the remainder of the races. Fact is, this has gone from a close championship to almost a blow-out in the course of a single race.


  • Sebastian Vettel: No, not for causing an unfortunate racing incident into Turn 1, but for his championship hopes taking a serious body-blow. Before the race, and particularly the qualifying result, most expected this to be a slam dunk and Vettel had probably scripted a scenario where he re-claims the championship lead. Now it'll take everything going his way if he's going to claim his 5th drivers' championship title.
  • Max Verstappen: Sure, he had nowhere to go. But it's a bit rich for his dad to go on twitter posting diagrams of the drivers' lines and stuff. Even saying "when you're fighting for the championship you shouldn't take risks like that" is tough to accept from the guy who drove into his own teammate on the first lap just three races ago.
  • Eddie Jordan: Lewis doesn't want to sit down, get over it.

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