Spanish GP power rankings


Welcome to the European season! With so many changes in the air, we're pulling one ourselves with the introduction of the "power rankings" (aka, the ratings formerly known as Winners and Losers).

In a lacklustre race, let's review who's hot and who's not.

Moving on up

Lewis Hamilton looked like the reigning champion of old, taking a commanding pole position and controlling the race from lights to flag. Extending his lead over his main rival, it finally looks like Hamilton's championship challenge is hitting its stride.

Max Verstappen managed to put together a complete weekend for the first time this year, and was rewarded with a (unexpected?) podium. Despite almost losing his front wing behind Lance Stroll on the VSC restart, he kept his nose metaphorically and literally clean for the rest of the race and hopefully gets himself out of the dog house.

Charles Leclerc delivered Sauber their second successive points finish, with the current-gen Ferrari engines powering them to another impressive result. In fact, when the only downside from your weekend was that you forgot how doors work, things are going pretty well. 


Ferrari are the talking point of the race, with their questionable decision to stop for fresh Medium tyres during the VSC. A dodgy stop didn't help, and Vettel tumbled from a steady 2nd position to 4th and never recovered. Although Vettel defended the move, it seems all teams were expecting to two-stop, and Mercedes shifting to a one-stop meant Bottas was unlikely to attack. Whether it was a strategic or technical set-up issue, these are points Vettel can't afford to lose.

Romain Grosjean just can't seem to keep it together. His first-lap spin wiped out a number of other cars and earned him a three-spot grid drop for next race. Although he has claimed there was little he could do, it does raise a question mark over the guy formerly labelled a "first-lap nutcase". Like Verstappen, after a series of incidents in successive races, he needs to pull his head in and get a decent result. Soon.

▼ Twitter's post-race show launched after the race, and although it was their inaugural effort, it leaves a lot to be desired. After many attempts, we finally got the show to load, but having missed most of the action the content was underwhelming, pulling audiences around the 7,000 mark. Add to this the complication of how users will actually find the content in the first place, and it becomes clear there's still plenty of work to do.

Honorable mention: F1 TV Pro launched to mixed reviews, with users reporting low-pixelation and drop outs throughout the weekend. A rocky start for a service that delayed its launch to work out the bugs.

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