Albert Park Grandstand

Ricciardo wants his new grandstand to be the "craziest one on the track"


News just to hand, [clears throat]: 

In celebration of Formula One driver Daniel Ricciardo’s 27th birthday, the Australian Grand Prix Corporation today announced the Aussie hometown racer will receive a grandstand named after him at the Albert Park Grand Prix Circuit.

The Ricciardo Premium Grandstand will be a new addition at the 2017 Formula 1® Australian Grand Prix boasting superior views of turns three, four and five.

The addition of the Ricciardo Premium Grandstand now means that Formula One icons including Webber, Jones, Brabham, Prost, Fangio, Senna, Schumacher, Waite and Clark have a grandstand named after them.

“Having a grandstand named after me is definitely the ultimate birthday present and an incredible privilege. Hopefully turn four will be my best corner on the Albert Park Grand Prix Circuit,” said Ricciardo.

I can't imagine where there's room for a new grandstand that gives you a view of these corners (there section where Alonso went into the wall this year), but the honour is thoroughly deserved and could help sliding attendance figures.

I feel sorry for Mark Webber, though. Maybe we can name one of those sets of concrete steps "Multi 21".

Here is Ricciardo's thank you message: