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British GP power rankings


A Hamilton victory at Silverstone looked like a sure thing, but a couple of hiccups at the start lead to a supremely entertaining race, albeit off-script.

Here's our power rankings from the final prong of what could be F1's one and only triple header: 

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▲ Lewis Hamilton will surely take every Driver of the Day poll there is (hint: scroll down for ours ;p) with his come-from-behind recovery drive for P2 in front of his home crowd. Carrying the hopes of all red-blooded British fans, a poor start left him among the hustle and bustle of the Ferraris, the opening lap incident leading to his only blemish of the weekend—his "interesting tactics" jibe.

▲ Sebastian Vettel charged to the lead off the line after narrowly missing out on pole, and controlled the race until the late safety car(s). Pitting for fresh rubber meant he was always going to be a handful for Bottas to defend against, yet reclaiming the lead was no guarantee.

▲ Kimi Raikkonen (don't stop reading!) might have played the villain in the opening corners, but drove a brilliant race, first trading blows with Verstappen, then pushing to the finish with the top four cars within almost 1.5 secs and anyone in contention for the win. I'm not convinced a junior driver could have performed like this, and it goes some way to justifying Ferrari's decision to keep proven drivers in their cars.


▼ Romain Grosjean returns to the naughty corner for making contact with his teammate which left both of them with damage that affected their progression through the race, and then coming together with Carlos Sainz, to which the Stewards determined both drivers contributed. 

Sauber's wheel management cost the high-flying Charles Leclerc another solid finish. Whatever is behind this year's plethora of wheel related issues, we need a solution before it winds up deciding a championship.

▼ Toro Rosso showed their shortcomings in the engineering department this week, just barely getting Brendon "Big Heart" Hartley onto the grid, only for him to retire. Asked on the grid about his situation, Hartley suggested the car was still on blocks and might not even start the race, his tone suggesting the team were going through the motions. Not good that they couldn't recover from his FP3 crash in time for the race.

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Winners and Losers: British Grand Prix


  • Lewis Hamilton: He might have been a no-show for F1 Live London, but he showed up in qualifying and race day and absolutely bossed it. 
  • Daniel Ricciardo: Starting from the back row and finishing P5 is always going to be exciting, but the way he sliced through the mid-field showed that it wasn't just contra tyre strategies or superior horse power that handed him the result.
  • Esteban Ocon: Another race, another intra-team battle at Force India. This time Ocon found himself with track position and able to hold his own and defend against his more experienced teammate who had more life in his tyres. Still, Perez made his bed during the Canadian Grand Prix and has to lie in it for a while. Rock on!


  • Daniil Kvyat: It doesn't get much worse than crashing into your teammate and taking them out of the race. Daniil was also investigated by the stewards and given a drive-through penalty and two points on his super licence. If Toro Rosso are waiting for the "right price" to off-load Sainz to Renault, perhaps they can pay someone to take Kvyat.
  • Palmer's hydraulics: The guy desperately needs some results to court Renault into keeping him around, having your car crap-out on the formation lap makes that pretty difficult. Sainz? Kubica? Leclerc? Feels like a pineapple could get better results than JP at the moment.
  • Pirelli: It's been years since we saw tyres exploderising on F1 cars with any regularity. That they ruined Ferrari's race is just not what the sport needs right now.

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Driver of the day: British GP

Hamilton controls British GP, Verstappen and Rosberg battle for 2nd

It was an untroubled run to the flag for Lewis Hamilton who claimed his fourth victory at Silverstone, and his fourth for the year.

Nico Rosberg finished second but was investigated by the Stewards for a potential radio infringement. In the final laps of the race Rosberg was instructed to avoid 7th gear, and competitors were predictably miffed that their driver was given instructions for improving the performance of his car.

Max Verstappen was not far behind Rosberg, with Ricciardo holding on to P4 and Red Bull continuing their surge toward overtaking Ferrari and looks set to do so in the next few races.

Although Hamilton scampered off into the distance after the race began, Rosberg again looked troubled by his car in the wet echoing the issues he had in Monaco. After switching to Intermediate tyres Verstappen pushed and overtook Rosberg, holding on to P2 for the early phase of the race. Rosberg would eventually reclaim P2 but the victory was never on the cards as Lewis controlled the pace comfortably.

Both Force India drivers finished in the points, pulling toward Williams in the championship who failed to claim any points. Similarly Kimi Raikkonen was able to lock down P5 for Ferrari, their silver-lining after Vettel struggled in the mid-field after being handed a penalty for changing his gearbox before the race and leaving the track a number of times in slippery conditions.

Finding themselves out of positions, Massa fought on the outside of Vettel who tried to close the door on his opponent but lost traction and both cars slide off the road. Despite the similarities to Rosberg's defending move in Austria last race, Vettel was handed a five-second penalty.

The British crowd certainly hadn't forgiven not forgotten about the incident between the Mercedes drivers last race, booing Rosberg when he emerged on the podium and again during his interview. Mark Webber, who conducted the interviews, tried to calm the crowd and encourage a positive spirit, but it's clear that they were there to see a Hamilton victory and he certainly delivered.

Update: Rosberg was deemed to have been aided by the team and had ten seconds added to his race time, dropping him to P3 and reducing his championship lead to just one point.