F1 teams paid

Autosport reveals F1 team earnings for 2015

Autosport have just published the details of F1's profit for 2015 along with the full breakdown of what the each team is paid - and why. As usual it's about as fair and even as the teeth on a rusty wood-saw.

Dieter Rencken and Lawrence Barretto report:

The 2015 total was $965m and this will be distributed across 10 teams through nine monthly payments from April with a final "check" payment - when definitive revenues have been calculated - early in 2017.
There are constructors' championship bonus (CCB) payments for four teams - Ferrari, Mercedes, Red Bull and McLaren, which have been agreed in separate deals.
There is also a long-standing team payment for Ferrari and other fixed prize fund payouts such as a heritage bonus for Williams and negotiated payments for Red Bull Racing and Mercedes.

You have to see this chart to believe it. Among the disparities:

  • Force India finished fifth last year and earned less ($67m) than Ferrari were paid as a bonus just for showing up ($70m).
  • Ferrari snagged almost 20% of the total cash pool despite not winning the constructors' championship.
  • Williams ($87m) earned less than half what Ferrari earned ($192m) despite finishing only one place behind them.

Ecclestone has defended paying Ferrari such an exorbitant bounty by claiming "Ferrari is F1" and then compared them to being like the Rolling Stones, because you can always count on Bernie for a relevant cultural reference.

Source: Autosport