Hakkinen's baffling wisdom on being "ready to be champion"


The "will-he, won't-he" debate over whether Rosberg will finally claim a drivers' title this year continues. Now Mika Hakkinen has weighed in saying he is "proud" of Nico after watching him driving go-karts from the age of 4 or 5, plus... whatever the heck the following means:

"In everything, but especially in Formula One, it takes time before you are ready to win. Put it this way: even if your own head says you want to be world champion, it doesn't mean that you are really ready for that.

"This step is made not just like that, but with all your conviction and every fiber of your body, and is more challenging than most people believe," added the former McLaren driver and winner of 20 Grands Prix.


"So my answer is yes, he is ready for the world title," Hakkinen added.

Oh right. 

Source: Autoweek