Hungarian Grand Prix

Hungary Grand Prix: Winners and Losers


  • Fernando Alonso - Targeted P7, maybe top 6 if something went wrong at the front, and absolutely delivered while also claiming the fastest lap. Tops it off by sunning himself in a folding chair like a total boss. 
  • Kimi Raikkonen - Arguably should have won the race. Even if Seb had a steering issue, the Iceman might just have done enough to ensure himself a set of red overalls for next year. 
  • Mercedes - With Bottas letting Hamilton through in the late phase of the race, the team perfect executed the old switcheroo and Hamilton deserves praise for sticking to his word to give it back. Class all round. 


  • Max Verstappen - Despite apologising after the race, his mistake took out his teammate and the resulting penalty cost him any chance at a podium, at one of the tracks Red Bull could really have challenged. 
  • Magnussen/Hulkenberg - It got ugly in the pen after the race. When anyone has to tell anyone to suck their balls, you know things didn't go well on the track. 
  • Stomach bugs - Wash your hands, folks.

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