Toto Wolff on Mercedes avoiding "the dark side of the force"

Fascinating sit-down with Mercedes boss Toto Wolff in the "Daily Fail" where he reiterates his desire to keep F1 interesting while juggling the need for further Mercedes dominance.

On Red Bull (and Star Wars):

"The sport needs multiple winners. It needs the odd freak result. It needs the underdog to win. The moment you become a dominant force, you suffer and your brand suffers. You become the dark side of the force.
"It even happened to Red Bull. They joined the sport. They were the Jedis ... But after winning the world title four times in a row, they developed into an unsympathetic brand. Nobody wants the establishment."

Will he let Hamilton and Rosberg truly race each other in 2016?

"Maybe it's about unleashing the two of them [Hamilton and Rosberg] completely. Make them have their own strategy cars. That would be a solution."

However he goes on to say...

"I don't want fighting in the team. I'd like the boxers to fight but not the trainers and the physios and everybody around the ring.
"Maybe the big fall-out ending in a crash and animosity, in terms of the entertainment factor, maybe that's what's missing with Mercedes being so dominant. Maybe you need that, but fundamentally, I don't think we need that as a team.

Sounds like, despite the headline of the article, that things will be status quo or even less exciting than the last few years, at least if Wolff has his way. 

Source: Daily Mail