Monza 2016

Monza "saved" after Italian law changed to secure funding

The resourceful folks at are quoting a report in Gazzetta della Sport that Italian laws have changed that will secure additional funding to secure the future of the Italian GP at Monza, with the final agreement set to be signed in January.

Previously, only the Automobile Club of Milan, headed by former Ferrari F1 driver Ivan Capelli, was allowed to fund the race, using the revenue generated from ticket sales.
However, the law changes will now see ACI add approximately 12.5 million dollars to ACM's 6.5 million investment.

It's still a worrying sign that ticket sales alone can't get the race across the line, but if we are going to continue to pay Ferrari tens of millions of dollars just for showing up in F1, it's vital that we also keep Monza on the calendar.