RB12 launch

Red Bull unveils (not so) shiny RB12

Some teams are waiting until testing to unveil their new livery, but there's still some things Red Bull are leaving until the last minute: 

"We take risks, which perhaps other teams would not dream of, like not having completed a crash test one week before the first test.
"But that is the way we roll. That is the way our DNA is, and the competitive drive there is in this team."

Leaving aside how awkward it is to hear a man in his 40s saying things like "that is how we roll" as if he's trying it on for the first time, the other thing about the launch that is notable is the matte paint job on the RB12.

Horner confirmed to Craig Scarborough that it has no negative aerodynamic effects, and if this is true it solves a few problems for me. I've wondered at a few night races whether matte paint wasn't the preferable option, it would reduce the glare from the overhead lights and help viewers identify the cars easier (not to mention increasing exposure for sponsors).

Interesting facial hair on the drivers as well. GG Red Bull.

Source: Motorsport.com