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Palmer stays, K-Mag joins Haas


As the silly season approaches an end the driver line up for 2017 is starting to take shape. 

I don't think it's cynical to say that neither of the Renault drivers has set the world on fire this year, yet they've clearly seen enough potential in Jolyon "Jolene" Palmer to commit to another year. 

Palmer on the announcement

"For me, it’s been a steep learning curve driving in Formula 1 and I know that I am performing better than ever, and that there’s still more to come. There is tremendous drive and enthusiasm in Enstone and Viry looking to next year and I am honoured to be part of this."

The departure of Kevin Magnussen to Haas is set to announced in the coming days, in a move more than 12 months in the making. 

James Allen on Haas' interest in Magnussen: 

That said, the Dane was a clear second choice last season in Haas’ reckoning when they chose Romain Grosjean. They liked his additional experience and results and felt that would be worth pushing to get. They were patient and they got him. Although his patience has been tried a few times this season, he remains part of their plans.

Probable moves yet to be announced include Esteban "Rock on" sliding into Nico Hulkenberg's old seat at Force India. 

Abiteboul on removing fuel flow limits

Cyril Abiteboul: 

“I am a big fan of making sure F1 remains F1,” revealed Abiteboul. “We should not lean towards endurance. One of the things that has put F1 in danger, or could be another threat to F1, is if we try to combine F1 and endurance.
 “We would see it [removing the regulation] would take all the negativity away from the message regarding this new technology, which is fantastic. We’ve done an amazing job,” added Abiteboul.

You probably remember Daniel Ricciardo being disqualified for exceeding the permitted fuel flow limit two years ago, Australians sure do. 

As long as we have hybrid engines and a 100kg maximum fuel load for the race we will still see drivers conserving fuel and quieter cars, which are primary factors behind the current negativity. You simply can't produce the same noise as days gone by while chewing vastily less through less fuel - for better or worse.

Source: The Chequered Flag

Renault unveil the RS16

Renault launched their new car, the RS16, and a testing livery today becoming the first team to show off their 2016 spec chassis.

Renault Sport Racing head Cyril Abiteboul is certainly confident about the team's chances:

"We have won in F1 as a team and as an engine supplier," he said. "There is no reason why we cannot repeat that."

The team also confirmed their drivers - although they had largely already confirmed things for us on social media.

Although their are prominent Renault logos on the current design, I can't help but notice the Infinity symbol, which is surprising considering the lip service the manufacturer paid to Red Bull about denying them enough credit for their recent dominance.

Sadly this isn't the retro-inspired yellow livery that we were hoping Renault would deliver. Perhaps their final race trim will turn up the colour, but if they are willing to hit the tarmac with a design that looks like this, I'm not particularly optimistic.

Source: BBC

Maldonado confirms exit, "I will not be on the grid"

Pastor Maldonado today confirmed his time in F1 has reached an end, if not a conclusion. 

"Today, with the utmost humility, I tell you that I will not be on the Formula One starting grid for the 2016 season. Thanks for all your messages of support, passion and concern about my future.”

Although some speculate that he may have a chance of a seat at Manor, these don't sound like the words of a driver who will be jumping into a car for testing in a few weeks. 

Renault are expected to announce that the comeback kid Kevin Magnussen will join the human lolcat Jolyon Palmer at the new look Renault outfit. I wasn't among those who were outraged that McLaren dropped K-Mag in 2014, but I sure am glad to see him back, which leaves me to wonder - do you feel sorry for Pastor?

Source: JA on F1