Ricciardo Monaco

Ricciardo stunned in Monaco after being "screwed" for the second weekend in a row

A series of mishaps from Red Bull has gifted Lewis Hamilton his first win of the season in Monaco, finishing ahead of Daniel Ricciardo and a surprise podium appearance from Force India's Sergio Perez.

Ricciardo was furious with his team after controlling the race before a questionable pit stop call for which the engineers were not adequately prepared for cost him as much as 10 secs, forfeiting the lead and the race win to Hamilton.

Hamilton's strategy of making the full wet tyres last as long as possible before switching to slicks when conditions had sufficiently improved required all his experience and skill, however Ricciardo stopping early for Intermediates meant that, although he surrendered the lead, had the best of the conditions and quickly cruised up behind Hamilton before the fateful pistops. 

Even after committing to slicks, Hamilton still wasn't in a race-winning position as Ricciardo had made up enough time in his short stint on the Intermediate tyres to launching himself into the lead. Red Bull however decided to cover-off the threat from Hamilton by stopping Ricciardo shortly after, but he arrived in the pitbox to find engineers scrambling to organise his tyres and "running around like headless chooks" in Ricciardo's words.

Desperate for victory and much faster, Ricciardo threw everything he had at Hamilton - resulting in a desperate and dangerous defence from Hamilton after also cutting a chicane which could have seen Ricciardo pushed into the barriers, although the stewards deemed that no further action was necessary.

"Two weekends in a row now I've been screwed," said an inconsolable Ricciardo, referring to his teams' strategy in the Spanish GP which saw him fall from the lead to 4th.

With the wet start to the race, Rosberg struggling to get his tyres up to the optimal performance and tumbled down the field and by the time he got on top of the conditions the damage had been done, meaning that - if you were looking for a silver lining - Hamilton has closed the gap considerably in the drivers' championship which sets up a more exciting "European season" in the coming months.