Superlicense Club

Why we started Superlicense Club

You might have seen our tweets or heard us mention Superlicense Club on the podcast recently. It's currently free, but we do intend to offer special content for people who are willing to offer a couple of dollars each month to help support everything we do.

Someone recently equated supporting podcasts in this way as being like tipping a bar-tender when you order a drink; our followers from the US will know what we're talking about.

We're not just in it for the money

We never started the podcast to make money. We wouldn't be doing this if the primary goal was making money; after three years we're well and truly out of pocket.

It's not even that we couldn't keep doing everything Superlicense related without raising money, but there was bound to come a time when we needed a little bit of help - and we're more than willing to make supporting us worth your while.

Why not just get sponsors?

There's a few reasons. First of all, we can't.

We don't get enough listeners to attract sponsors. But even if we did, I'm honestly not sure we'd want them. 

Superlicense has always been driven by a strong sense of community. Now there's a way for the community to ensure that we can keep doing what we love and continue to grow this crazy little group of F1 weirdos.

It also keeps us independent. I'm not saying we'll never go down the sponsorship route, but community support is far more appealing for us.

Aren't you making money from selling merch?

Yes. We love that anyone would want to buy our silly t-shirts and stickers - the reality though is that last year the money we made covered about one quarter of our costs.

That's something I was actually pretty happy with, every little bit helps. But if just a few more people gave a little bit here and there, something like roughly $1 per episode, we'll be fine and be in a far more stable position to keep this little raft afloat.

So that's the story. And honestly, if you want to know anything more about what we're trying to do feel free to email us - until then SIGN UP (it'll be free for a good while) and just see what it's all about!