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F1 fan art: License to thrill

Recently on the podcast we mentioned that Fernando Alonso had suffered memory loss and Zach joked that during the drivers' press conference he pulled out a photo of Jenson Button that read, "Don't trust him". We botched the actual line from Memento, nevertheless listener Nicholas Peters whipped up the above image and totally nailed what we were going for.

Elsewhere in the same episode I gave listeners a nudge suggesting that someone should mock up a forklift license for Giedo Van Der Garde, as we referenced his twitter account during the quiz. I realised only too late that he most likely has a real forklift license, nevertheless we tweeted out Nicholas' awesome photoshop of that as well and left it at that.

Another follower decided to tweet it and tag GVDG in the post, which he obviously appreciated:

Clearly it's not the first time that a driver has taken the piss out of themselves, most of them seem to be really reasonable and generous guys online. Zach asked Ricciardo to retweet a mention of the podcast almost two years ago, which he did. It was just as rumours were emerging that Daniel could get the Red Bull seat, and seemingly he'd been ordered to maintain radio silence until the deal was announced - so it remained his most recent tweet for a couple of months.

Similarly we posted Karen Vinter's Game of Thrones / F1 mashups (with her permission) that wound up on Reddit and then on most of the more established F1 fan communities like WTF1, etc. Even the twitter account for the Circuit of the Americas tweeted it, so we were very grateful to her and for the eyeballs it brought to the site and hopefully the earholes it brought to the podcast.

So it seems pretty obvious that we need some kind of gallery to showcase these artworks right here on the Superlicense website. Things move around so quickly on the internet that determining the true origin of things can be tricky, but there are some cases where stuff is clearly inspired by something we've said and when that happens we'd like to spread them around while also growing the community.

We'll let you know how that will work, but these pieces deserve recognition. I mean it's pretty obvious that my photoshop skills could be generously described as "passable"...

Ahhhhhhh, FREAK OUT! Charles Pic, c'est chic. FREAK OUT!