The best gifs from Mclaren's "Back to the Racetrack" video

By now everyone has seen Mclaren's fabulous Back to the Racetrack video, but why not relive it in gifs and paraphrasings? Because no reason, that's why.

Where better to start than everyone's favourite line...

But of-course it's not Lewis, it's Nando! Team Buttso is now fully formed.

I have just as much swagger as Fernando when I get out of my car. I can also do fully sick burn outs like this!

At least Fernando knows how to act concerned.... probably channeling his years as Hamilton's teammate.

Jenson on the other hand.... I feel like the direction was simply, "Just hold the steering wheel and think in your head that the engine is going VROOOMMMMMMM!"

And finally the money shot!

See you in Melbourne suckers!!! I will pay serious, big-ass cash money if someone shows up at Albert Park dressed as the Libiyan rebel with a rocket launcher and just stand pensively near the Start/Finish line.