Too early to predict 2017 pitstops, Pirelli


With the introduction of faster cars and wider tyres, Pirelli say it's too early to predict the pitstop strategies for races next year. 

Pirelli's Paul Hembrey: 

"We’ll have a slightly different philosophy next year, according to our brief: which is to provide a tyre with less thermal sensitivity, meaning that the operating window will be wider, leading to less thermal degradation," Pirelli's Paul Hembery explained to Grand Prix Times.

"For now it’s still too early to go into specific details about the number of pit stops, so we’ll see later on [in the development]."

I really hope that these wider tyres produce racing as exciting as their aesthetic, but I'm sceptical. I want drivers pushing throughout a race without worrying about conserving, hopefully the balance of grip and pitstops is right. 

Source: Grand Prix Times