United States GP: Winners and Losers



  • Max Verstappen, penalty aside, coming back from P16 to P3 (yeah, yeah, I know, I know) is remarkable and shows his composure and control beyond just wild, something-from-nothing overtakes. It's races like these that prove he's all growns up (if only his dad would demonstrate his maturity). 
  • Brendon Hartley did New Zealand proud on debut. Don't listen to Ted Kravitz; the race wasn't on during the middle of the night, nor was anyone on their way to work (Monday was a public holiday in NZ). He might look like a cross between Grosjean and Ocon, but it seems like the kid can drive and despite leaving the Red Bull nest a little while ago but the connections remain tight. It could be Gasly, Hartley and perhaps even Sebastian Buemi rotating through Toro Rosso for the rest of the season and it'll be fascinating to see how they all go!
  • Carlos Sainz is a regular to the winners list, but man he shone like a diamond in a completely new car, in a new team and with the pressure of having his teammate drop out of the running. Best of all he proved to Renault that they'd made exactly the right decision, and if you still aren't convinced... do you think old mate Jolyon could have achieved P7?


  • Sergio Perez was at it again, despite Force India making it clear that there had better be a damned good reason to ask them to let him overtake Ocon. It's almost to the point that the team needs to tell him "unless you are ahead of him after the first lap, it ain't happening". It's a shame because he's better than that, and is a close second behind Grosjean for most vocal whinger.
  • Valtteri Bottas isn't pulling his weight at the moment, and although Mercedes have clinched the constructors' championship, it only underlines the fact that he once again failed to deliver. If Ricciardo had stayed in the race, Bottas would have finished behind both Ferraris, both Red Bulls, and a country mile behind his teammate. He'll have to do better in 2018. 
  • The stewards let themselves down once again, and instead of talking about a thrilling finish to the race we're explaining to uninformed co-workers and acquaintances on social media how the rules work. Whatever you think about the decision, certainly the complaint that there's no consistency holds up. There's just no reason whatsoever to tell the "best drivers in the world" that it's ok to leave the track during practice and even qualifying, only to throw the book at them during the race. 

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