Verstappen and Kvyat to switch seats for the Spanish Grand Prix

I thought I was waaaaaay out in front of the story when I speculated that Kvyat would get squeezed out of Red Bull, little did I know only 48 hours later it would be happening:

Red Bull Racing will have a new driver line-up from the Spanish Grand Prix. Max Verstappen will be joining the team to drive alongside Daniel Ricciardo. Daniil Kvyat will continue to drive for Red Bull and will re-join sister team Scuderia Toro Rosso.
Christian Horner, Team Principal says, "We are in the unique position to have all four drivers across Red Bull Racing and Toro Rosso under long term contracts with Red Bull, so we have the flexibility to move them between the two teams.
"Dany will be able to continue his development at Toro Rosso, in a team that he is familiar with, giving him the chance to regain his form and show his potential."

There's plenty being said about this online. My thermal take is that it's pretty harsh, and extremely opportunistic.

Even better, here's Jenson Button's reaction on twitter:

"Really? one bad race and Kyvat's dropped, what about the podium in the previous race? #Shortmemories" -- @JensonButton

All this in the same week when Mercedes felt the need to respond to online trolls about the accusations of favoritism toward Nico Rosberg, these are truly strange times. Do the teams get a bonus if the TV viewership goes up or something?

Source: Red Bull Racing