Verstappen to wait for updated Renault engine


Although extra power isn't particularly useful in Monaco, the updated Renault power unit will be dropped into Daniel Ricciardo's car for this weekend. 

Renault had planned to introduce the new engine in Canada next month but have made one available for Red Bull for Monaco after indications that it could bring a gain of up to half a second a lap.

"I'm looking forward to using it in Canada," said Verstappen, when asked when he would get his.

He said Ricciardo, who set a lap record last year on his way to fifth place and is ahead in the standings after five races, had the new one -- badged as a Tag Heuer -- for the tight and twisty Monaco track.

The line about being ahead in the standings speaks volumes for me, suggesting there was a conversation within the team about it. It's not hard to imagine that Verstappen argued his case for having the engine himself to help him continue his hot streak.

Could the team be appeasing their guilty conscience (and one angry Australian) after botching Daniel's strategy last race?  

Source: Reuters