Villeneuve: "F1 is not Hollywood"

As the qualifying disaster that ruined Saturday in Australia threatens to revisit the Bahrain GP, the direction of the sport is again up for debate.

So, what's best for Formula One? Should we shoot it in the face with the make-up gun yet again or streamline the regulations and improve the racing?

As always nobody asked former F1 champion Jacques Villeneuve, but he voiced his opinion all the same.

"This desire to make it the most attractive discipline is the wrong fight," Villeneuve said in an interview with French publication Le Figaro.
"We want to appeal to the teenagers who spend their lives on the Internet and like something different every 10 minutes.
"Except F1 will never be that.
"F1 is not a Hollywood show that is produced artificially. Every time it goes in that direction, it becomes less interesting."

After arguing with online trolls this week that F1 needs to tighten the screws on the sporting regulations and review "the show" as a secondary consideration, it's comforting to at least hear a more prominent voice echo a similar sentiment. 

When you listen to F1 fans, it's pretty clear that their complaints have roots in the technical regulations (reliance on aerodynamics means the cars can't follow each other, tyre degradation means the drivers can't push, so on and so forth), rather than "Man, eliminating cars one by one during qualifying would be so baller, brah".

TL;DR - F1 actually isn't a show, and if you offer great racing all the other problems will sort themselves out.

Source: Planet F1