Winners and Losers: British Grand Prix


  • Lewis Hamilton: He might have been a no-show for F1 Live London, but he showed up in qualifying and race day and absolutely bossed it. 
  • Daniel Ricciardo: Starting from the back row and finishing P5 is always going to be exciting, but the way he sliced through the mid-field showed that it wasn't just contra tyre strategies or superior horse power that handed him the result.
  • Esteban Ocon: Another race, another intra-team battle at Force India. This time Ocon found himself with track position and able to hold his own and defend against his more experienced teammate who had more life in his tyres. Still, Perez made his bed during the Canadian Grand Prix and has to lie in it for a while. Rock on!


  • Daniil Kvyat: It doesn't get much worse than crashing into your teammate and taking them out of the race. Daniil was also investigated by the stewards and given a drive-through penalty and two points on his super licence. If Toro Rosso are waiting for the "right price" to off-load Sainz to Renault, perhaps they can pay someone to take Kvyat.
  • Palmer's hydraulics: The guy desperately needs some results to court Renault into keeping him around, having your car crap-out on the formation lap makes that pretty difficult. Sainz? Kubica? Leclerc? Feels like a pineapple could get better results than JP at the moment.
  • Pirelli: It's been years since we saw tyres exploderising on F1 cars with any regularity. That they ruined Ferrari's race is just not what the sport needs right now.

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