Winners and Losers: Monaco Grand Prix

Big Winners:

  • Sebastian Vettel and Daniel Ricciardo both proved the "overcut" was the best strategy today, unfortunately for their teammates only one driver per team can pull it off. Vettel delivers Ferrari's first win in Monaco for 16 years, and Ricciardo earns yet another podium -- probably much more than he realistically expected.
  • Carlos Sainz finished the race where he started in a workmanlike effort that further strengthens his case for a sideways promotion to another team in 2018.
  • Haas haven't quite taken the step forward this year that we all hoped they would. Despite numerous retirements helping them along the way, having two cars in the points is a solid result.

Big Losers:

  • Monaco's New Podium was a bust. After leaving the Monaco royals standing around like stunned mullets, the drivers finally appeared on the raise platform only to be led back to street level what felt like two or three hours later for their interviews. It was disorganised chaos, and although the little ceremony on the steps always felt like it lacked grandeur, at least it was expedient. 
  • Jenson Button had a return to forget. Despite qualifying fast enough for P9 he started the race from the pitlane, was stuck behind Pascal Wehrlein at the arse-end of the grid and made what could generously be described as an overly optimistic (aka embarrassing) overtake attempt that almost resulted in Wehrlein being thrown into the marina. The only thing stopping Button from being The Biggest Loser this week is that he's again waving farewell to the sport and truly had nothing to lose.
  • The British Media couldn't help but whinge and carry-on, choosing their words carefully and conditionally to avoid calling Ferrari cheaters (but implying as much by doing so), all because their golden boy had a bad day. Red Bull's strategy, not to mention the look on Kimi's face, is enough proof the tactic wasn't premeditated. Are Ferrari happy with the result? Probably everyone apart from Kimi would be. Was it all about Hamilton? Truth-bomb: Most things aren't.