Winners and Losers: Spanish Grand Prix

Big winners

  • Lewis Hamilton can thank a perfect strategy for getting him on to the top step. Waiting until the end of the Virtual Safety Car period to pit (when his Medium tyres still had plenty of life) was a masterstroke that forced Sebastian Vettel to respond by pitting but did so while his competitor was flat out down the main straight and on his way to steal yo race victory.
  • Force India claimed 4th and 5th and leave Spain with a swag of points. They put some distance between themselves and their nearest rivals... unless you consider Red Bull their nearest rivals, which isn't as crazy as it sounds. 
  • That Ferrari kid who captured the attention of the race director bawling his eyes out when Kimi retired at the first corner. A joint effort between Ferrari and FOM saw him invited into the paddock to meet Kimi and the team, presumably they shared an ice-cream. He'll be the most popular kid at school on Monday.

Big losers

  • Max Verstappen and Kimi Raikkonen who were both skittled out at the first corner by Bottas. All drivers were blameless, but it left Bottas free to "race" (aka following the leaders at a cautious distance). That is, until his faithful engine that powered him to his debut victory crapped out. 
  • Fernando Alonso had high hopes of defending his qualifying position of P7, but when Massa was trying to avoid the incident at Turn 1, Alonso was pushed wide and the chance of a points finish at his home race slipped through his fingers. But, the wait is finally over and Fernando is off to Indy... what a weekend it is going to be!
  • Lance Stroll again failed to deliver, finishing only his second race of the year albeit the last of the running cars. Get used to seeing Stroll and Palmer's name in the "losers" column unless their form drastically improves.