Your Spanish Grand Prix weekend entertainment guide

1. How can I get up to date with the Superlicense Podcast?

Jump on iTunes or if you've got time now just listen right here. I'd hate to think that it's already out of date, I prefer to think of each episode being "of its time" even if that was three weeks ago. So don't delay, from memory I said one thing that was half-funny and there were some insights that were pretty close to being respectable. Enjoy!

2. Yeah that's great! I like listening to stuff, what else have you got?

Awesome, I've got heaps of great recommendations:

  • Get even more up to date with my F1 Chat with Dan Paddock from Richland F1
  • You might also want to visit our SoundCloud page (or keep an eye on Twitter) because post-qualifying Rod does a 5 min audio recap called "Hello, Qually!"
  • More! More! MORE! Ok, well if you promise not to unsubscribe from our show you should also check out The Grid Girls and Box of Neutrals - who have just launched a new segment with perhaps the best name in radio history. (They are also doing a 1 hour live preview show in the build up to the start of the Spanish GP.)

3. Yes! You're crushing it, but don't you do something like watch an old F1 race then do a write up about it?

This is going to sound completely batshit crazy, but yes we do.  Rod's been watching the 1998 Formula One season in parallel with the 2015 season and providing some excellent recaps. 

Check out the races so far:

4. Live racing action, please

Don't forget that there's a Formula E event this weekend in Monaco (yeah, I think the schedule is bonkers as well). Here's a simulation of the lap, it's pretty short with just a modified Turn 1, a new hairpin and then a cruise along the harbor through the familiar Tabac, Swimming Pool and Rascasse corners.

Don't be deterred by the fact that the cars are a little slower than F1 or by the sub 1-minute lap times, the racing is always exciting so if you haven't done so before give it a go.

Apart from reading a book or something I don't have any more recommendations for you, but that should help you fill the next 48 hours or so, enjoy and we'll be back next week with our Spanish Grand Prix episode of the Superlicense F1 Podcast.

^ Rod