51. Austrian GP (You were recording, right Rod?)

You'd have to be an A-grade amateur to get through an entire podcast only to realise that you weren't recording, right? Heh-heh. 

Yeah, so let's just say we got better with age and call the first attempt a rehearsal. This week we cover the action-packed Austrian Grand Prix, canvas all the news from the paddock and beyond, and turning a negative into a positive this will be the first episode not to feature a SuperQuiz (mostly because after the first time through Rod knew all the answers!). #Pioneers

Best of all we caught up with Formula E commentator Jack Nicholls ahead of the season finale double-header at Battersea Park. For the full "F1" Chat with Jack check out our website and hear his true thoughts about Fan Boost, what car he drives and whether Michelin are legit about returning to Formula One. 

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