Abu Dhabi

41. Abu Dhabi (The definitely not breaking up show)

*** Details of the Superlicense Melbourne meet-up are on the Facebook page ***

Well we did it. We know who won, the high is wearing off but that doesn't mean we can't have a little fun talking about the race, and contest that never was and touch on the Formula E, a Fame and Fortune SuperQuiz and some of the best audio predictions you will ever (yeah, EVER) hear!

You won't want to miss this one AND we still have a season review episode to come - good times.

Show notes:

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17. Abu Dhabi GP (You missed your shout-out)

The Melbourne Cup can't distract Rod and Zach from chatting all things Abu Dhabi Grand Prix-wise. Rod passes you coded messages with a conspiracy SuperQuiz and Zach gets in to the nuts of bolts of everyone's favourite position (10th). We preview the upcoming GP at the "Circuit of the Americas", you may just learn how to pronounce Daniil Kvyat and we share your predictions because that's just to kind of guys we are.

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