Bahrain GP

137. Bahrain GP (Winning when you're crap)

137. Bahrain GP (Winning when you're crap)

We're all commiserating with the new heartbreak kid, Charles Leclerc. The lack of sleep and busy days utterly cook Rod's brain, instead we offer highlights from the Fantasy League, low-lights for Vettel and Renault, Zach talks fancy beers and we learn a truly bewildering pnuemonic for remembering one team's full name.

67. Bahrain GP (My name is Stoff the Doff)

Two fantastic races on the spin and Rod and Zach are back to discuss that controversial (?) first-corner incident that #robbed Hamilton of the victory, plus we find out what Nico Rosberg and Hugh Jackman have in common.

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24. Bahrain GP (Too hot, too deep, from out of nowhere)

We have no qualms about calling this race one of the very best ever. That's our excuse for rambling on for so long about it.

This is probably as good a place as any to explain what happened at the end of the recording this week. Rod and Zach were recording in different locations and let's just say the building that Zach was in had to be closed down and he was asked to leave by security. If Rod sounds like he's turning into a completely different person at the end it's because he was trying to fill in the gaps of what was missing. And it really IS his birthday, so get in touch!

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